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Mestre Azeitona - Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

About Dendê and capoeira:

Dendê Do Recife is a capoeira group that was founded in Halifax in 2005 by Mestre Azeitona and Professora Paula. Along with their friend Mestre Fabinho Cuencas in Ottawa, the group’s goal is to further develop capoeira in Canada and to emphasize the style and culture of their home city: Recife in the province of Pernambuco in Brazil's Northeast. Mestre Azeitona leads the group in Halifax as he has done since he first arrived in 2003. Along with Professora Paula they have created a vibrant community around their skills as capoeira teachers, dancers and musicians. Dendê Do Recife is very active in Halifax giving performances and special workshops, as well as weekly classes for students of all levels.

Capoeira is an ancient Brazilian art form. It has existed for centuries and originally evolved out of the diverse African cultures present in Brazil as a result of slavery.  It is a powerful combination of martial arts, dance, music, acrobatics, folklore, ritual and history. Above all else it is a celebration of spontaneous, creative expression. Training capoeira combines the skillful development of the body, with an immersion in the cultural and musical language of Brazil.